vignette ninja

if we could dual

right here right now

my sword

would be

at your throat

oh          but

would i cut

would i slice

would i throw it all away

there they go

watch the dice roll

which way will they fall

how will they face

what will they say

read the numbers

do the math of the toss and crash

those dice determine whether i hold or slice

your throat

which is what i feel

from time to time

when thinking 

about avenging all

of those

long lost lives


vignette 2:  bow down

the red warm blood running down my knees didn't bother me i must have been 4, 5, 6, or 7 climbing that hill concrete laden running flying soaring like a bird down the steep sidewalk street down down fast why i don't know why but to fly then fall down down hard knees scuffed scrapped scarred from the falls blood rising to the surface under raw pink lesions creeping upward then downward in a slow procession to gravity's beck and calling staining knees shins angles toes mama wondering why the pain doesn't stop me from pursuing my flight...


I Have a Rendezvous With Life

I have a rendezvous with Life,
In days I hope will come,
Ere youth has sped, and strength of mind,
Ere voices sweet grow dumb.
I have a rendezvous with Life,
When Spring’s first heralds hum.
Sure some would cry it’s better far
To crown their days with sleep
Than face the road, the wind and rain,
To heed the calling deep.
Though wet nor blow nor space I fear,
Yet fear I deeply, too,
Lest Death should meet and claim me ere
I keep Life’s rendezvous

-Countee Cullen