2017:  Everything Is Foreplay.  Pictorial memoir ode to Carlo Mollino.  Shot by photographer Clare Morales.  Oakland, California.

2016:  GRIT, or What You Will.  Narrative nonfiction.  Oakland, California.

2014:  Woman Talks Tequila.  One-act play.  Stories High XIV, Bindlestiff Studio.  San Francisco, California.

2013:  Solomonā€™s Song of Songs.  13-song album [lyrics and vocals by Stacey Cuevas; instrumental composition by Dylan Stanfield].  Brooklyn, New York.

2012:  dream deep dove.  Collection of poetry.  Brooklyn, New York.

2010:  Oakland to Brooklyn.   Graphic memoir.  Brooklyn, New York.

2008:  Really Bad Comics.  Autobiographical stick-figure comic strip.  Oakland, California.

2006:  The FOB Show, Return of the Comeback.  Actor, dancer, writer, and co-producer in theater troupe production.  Bindlestiff Studio.  San Francisco, California.

2005:  manifesto mestiza.  Collection of poetry.  Berkeley, California.